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We offer a wide variety of Electric Bike motor services and repairs to maintain your E-Motor in it’s best working order. We specialise in E-Bike Motor inspections, diagnostics, servicing, bearing and belt replacements or full rebuilds of all main leading brands, Brose, Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Mahle, TQ.

We only offer these services if your motor is over two years old and out of its original warranty period.

Our Services & Repairs


Basic Motor Inspection

Full diagnostic inspection with a bespoke breakdown report supplied, which will detail any recommended or necessary repair work. This inspection is included in the price and is part of all other repair or replacement services.


Regular Motor Service

Regular service to maintain your motor in the best possible working order. Test, Inspect, Clean, Regrease and Reassembly of your E-Motor.


Crank shaft Bearing Replacement

Basic motor inspection and replacement of defective crankshaft bearings.  Test, Inspect, Clean, Replace, Regrease and Reassemble your E-Motor.


Full Bearing Replacement Service

Basic motor inspection and replacement of every bearing within the motor. Test, Inspect, Full motor tear down, Clean, Replace all Bearings, Regrease and Reassemble your  E-Motor.


Brose Belt Replacement

Over time these belts can wear or snap and need inspecting regularly. Belt replacements can be done separately or along side a bearing service. Test, Inspect, Belt Replacement and Reassemble your E-Motor.

  • Inspection
  • Diagnostics
  • Service
  • Repair
  • Replace
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Running like new!

Full Bearing replacement and service. My bike runs like the day I bought it and fixed some very rough sounding noises.

Cheaper than a new motor

I thought these motors could not be serviced and was looking at buying a new one. A full service and some bearings replaced, my motor should be good for another few miles! Really happy!

A service a year keeps my bike running

I don’t have the time to service my bike as I would like but E-Motor Repairs have done a cracking job. Super quick turn around and very knowledgable.

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