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From noisy motors to diagnosing error codes, we’ve got you covered! Take a look through our services below to find the right option for servicing or repairing your E-Bike Motor.



With diagnostics for all the main leading brands, Brose, Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Mahle, TQ we can check to see if your motor is suitable for repair. A pre-work Testing and Diagnostic Inspection will be carried out on all E-Bike Motors and a bespoke report, confirming the level of work needed for your E-Motor, will be provided.

E-Motor Service

Our Regular E-Motor Service package includes Testing, Inspection, Diagnostics, Full strip down, Cleaning, Regrease and Reassembly of your E-Motor.

Regular servicing will keep your E-Bike Motor running for years to come and help prevent against water ingress.

Repair and replace

Replacing defective and worn bearings or belts will save you the expensive cost of buying a new E-Motor. We only use high quality replacement parts recommended by E-bike manufacturers. All replacement services include Testing, Diagnostics, Inspection, Degreasing, Cleaning and Reassembly of your E-Motor.



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Our Services


E-Bike Motor Inspection - £45

All E-Motors sent to us will be Tested and Inspected with a Diagnostics report provided to confirm or recommend the level of work needed. This E-Motor Inspection is included in the price of all other Services.

Not sure what is wrong with your E-Bike Motor?

We can diagnose and inspect all the leading brands. Your diagnostics report will include any fault codes discovered and the necessary repair work, with an estimate of costs. Once inspected we can reassemble the motor with no repairs or you can upgrade to our regular motor service for an extra £15.


Regular Motor Service - From £55

This is our recommended service to maintain your E-Bike Motor in full working order.

We will test the motor upon arrival and check for any fault codes. Then proceed to inspect the drive gears, bearings or belts depending on the E-Motor brand or model. The E-Motor will receive a FULL CLEAN and REGREASE before reassembly.

Based in Cumbria we can confidently say, that with regular servicing these E-bike Motors will take (almost) everything thrown at them!


Crankshaft Bearing Replacements - from £80*

The outer main Crankshaft Bearings are the most common bearings to start showing signs of wear.

If after our initial E-Motor Inspection, there are any signs of damage or defective Crankshaft bearings, we can replace them for you with a high quality replacement kit.

*Final Cost will depend on the E-Motor model and price for Replacement Bearings. This service can be upgraded to a full bearing Service if required.


Full Bearing Service - from £182*

Our full tear down and bearing replacement service where every bearing within the motor is changed. We only use high quality bearings and grease, as recommended by the motor manufacturers.

Along with this we will thoroughly strip, clean and regrease your E-Motor removing any signs of and protecting against water ingress before reassembling your E-Motor.

*Final Cost will depend on the E-Motor model and price for Replacement Bearings.


Brose Belt Replacement - from £137*

Within the Brose E-Motor there is a drive belt which makes their motors smooth and quiet. Over time these belts can wear or snap. If after inspection it is noted that the belt is showing signs of wear, we can do a belt replacement service separately or combine it with a bearing service.

*Final Cost will depend on the Brose E-Motor model and price for replacement parts.


Return Shipping and Handling - £25

Unless your E-Bike Motor is collected from one of our local partnered bike shops, ALL E-Bike Motors sent to us will incur return shipping and handling costs.

We only use Royal Mail, Insured and Signed for Delivery services, ensuring your E-Motor is returned safely to you.


We only offer these services if your e- motor is over two years and out of its manufacturers warranty

Brose bearing kit

What To Expect

E-Motor Repairs is an E-Bike Motor service and repair specialist.


We have been in bike sales and servicing for 15 years. Attended several training courses with leading E-Bike brands.


We have owned several E-Bikes over the past few years and have extensive knowledge of servicing E-Motors.


We aim to provide a high standard of servicing and repair work on your E-Motor from start to finish.


Second to none service, using quality products, assuring you of a prompt and professional service or repair.


We only use high quality bearings, belts and cleaning products in our repairs, extending the life of your E-Motor.


We only use Royal Mail SIGNED FOR and INSURED services to deliver your E-Motor safely and efficiently back to you.

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