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and “Contract of Works”

Thank you for visiting our website and considering or booking your E-Bike Motor for service or repair with us. For “Terms of Use” for our website, booking system and how we handle your data please refer to our Privacy Policy Here.

Please read through this document carefully before booking or sending your E-Motor for service with us. It is really important to us that all customers are aware and informed of the services we offer, who is responsible for what and what will be covered if things go wrong. If you have any questions about our “Terms and Conditions” and “Contract of Works” please do not hesitate to get in touch via our General Enquiry Form Here and we will be more than happy to help.

By Booking, Paying and/or Sending your E-Motor to us, you will have explicitly acknowledged and/or checked a tick box indicating that you have Read, Fully Understood and Accepted to be bound by our Inspection, Service, Repair or Replace, Shipping, Payment and Handling ” Terms and Conditions” and “Contract of Works”.

Who we are

  1. E-Motor Repairs are an “Electric bike motor repair and service” Company
  2. E-Motor Repairs is the trading name of Sole Trader Alex Raymond, Owner and Qualified E-Motor service technician.
  3. Telephone: 07415 016137
  4. Email: services@e-motorrepairs.co.uk
  5. The services that E-Motor Repairs offer are completed in our specialist repair workshop situated on private property. In person delivery or collection of E-Motors are explicitly and stricly by invitation only.
  6. We hold Public Liability Insurance: “Alex Raymond” trading as “E-Motor Repairs” to the minimum coverage of £2 million.

Booking and Payment

1. We DO NOT service or repair Electric Motors that are less than two years old and/or within their Original Manufacturers’ Warranty period.
2. We WILL SERVICE Electric motors that are two years old or older and outside of their Original Manufacturers’ Warranty period.
3. We DO NOT repair electrical component failure or issues on E-Motors.
4. We DO NOT  provide courtesy equipment whilst your E-Motor is with us for repair.
5. Please ENSURE that your E-Motor meets these requirements above. E-Motors that do not fit these requirements will be sent back without inspection or service and your payment will be kept for handling this.
6. If you are UNSURE if we can service your E-Motor or your warranty period has been voided by modifications, please GET IN TOUCH with us FIRST to see if we can help.
7. Please use our Online Booking Form to submit your details to us.
8. After submitting your details you will be asked to make payment for a “Basic Motor Inspection” and your choice of “return shipping and handling” via our payment gateway handled by STRIPE.
9. Bookings and Payment will be held for 3 months. If we have not heard from you or received your E-Motor within this time, you will forfeit your payment and booking. You will need to complete a new booking and payment before we will accept E-Motors outside of this stated time frame.
10. We WILL NOT refund Completed Bookings or “basic motor inspection” costs for E-Motors sent to us in error.
11. Refunds will ONLY be issued to customers whose E-Motors are Lost in transit or Damaged on delivery. Once we have been informed and evidence provided that your E-Motor was shipped to us we will proceed to issue your refund. Please note if payment is made by card this may take up to 28 days to appear in your account from the date we approve and issue your refund.
12. Payment of both “Basic Motor Inspection” and any Return Shipping and handling costs (where applicable) are required before we will accept or inspect any E-Motor for Diagnostics, Inspection, Repair or Service.
13. If we receive an E-Motor without payment as detailed above, we will keep it until Payment of “Basic Motor Inspection” and a shipping fee or collection method has been paid or agreed. We will store the motor for free up to 1 month. After this time storage is charged at £5 per week and payable before collection or delivery.
14. On completion of the agreed work, booked and subsequently confirmed by verbal or written confirmation, we will require payment in full for all parts and service before releasing or shipping your electric motor. This final balance will be detailed in your invoice and can be made with Cash on collection or with Credit/Debit Card payments which are handled by STRIPE

Sending Your Motor to Us

  1.  Upon completion of your E-Motor service booking, initial inspection and shipping payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us with delivery instructions.
  2. If you do not receive your confirmation email: Please first check your spam and junk email folders. If you still have not heard from us please get in touch via our general enquiry form or feel free to give us a call.
  3. IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you print off and send your booking information along with your E-Motor. We receive a lot of E-Motors in the post and if yours does not have your details included it may delay us inspecting it.
  5. We will not accept any RESPONSIBILITY for loss, damage or costs associated with accepting delivery and storage of complete E-Bikes. We will not ship complete E-Bikes back to you or remove motors from them. It will be your responsibility to arrange and pay for a courier collection of your E-Bike. You will also forfeit your basic motor inspection and return shipping costs to cover storage, packaging and time lost dealing with your arranged courier collection
  6. We kindly ask that you send your E-Motor to us safely packed without batteries attached or included, via a signed for and insured postal or courier service.
  7. We will not accept any responsibility or liability for E-Motors sent to us that are lost in transit or damaged on delivery.
  8. If your E-Motor is lost in transit or you believe it has been wrongly delivered, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to see if we can help.
  9. For E-Motors Damaged on Delivery we will notify you as soon as possible and will not attempt any inspection or repair until a claim has been settled with your courier/postal service.

Our Work (Diagnostics, Inspection, Repair or Replace Services)

1. All of our services and repairs start with a “Basic Motor Inspection”.
2. E-Motors are sealed electrical units that require specialist tools and software to inspect. Your initial payment covers and includes our “Basic Motor Inspection”.  This payment covers our time and expertise to Diagnose, Disassemble and Inspect the internal components of your E-Motor and reassemble it ready for return.
3. All customers will be issued with a diagnostic report from our basic motor inspection. This report will confirm the service needed, estimate and detail all work we feel is required when we see your E-Motor for the first time. If parts or extra work above the booked service are required we will contact you to confirm and authorise these anticipated costs before any work starts.
4. We do not repair electrical component failure or issues on E-Motors. We may be able to reset fault codes or reset parameters depending on your E-Motor model.
5. If you have not heard from us within “14 working days” of delivery to us, please contact us for an update (in case of an incorrect phone number or email address).
6. If you are not happy with our estimate, recommended service advice, parts or labour cost we will happily re-assemble your E-Motor and arrange shipping or collection of your E-Motor with no further payment required.
7. If, against our advice, you choose not to repair, replace or service the parts detailed in our diagnostic report. We will carry out the booked or agreed work but can not give any guarantee for our work and if your E-Motor fails after re-assembly on our test bench or after it has been returned, you explicitly accept any/all costs associated with further Shipping, Diagnostics, Inspection, Service, Repairs and Parts to your E-Motor.
8. Each electric motor is different. The parts used and final costs including fitting time will be dictated by the brand, build style, quality of your E-Bike Motor or damage presented.
9. We only use the Highest Quality parts and products available at the time for the service or repair of your E-Motor, as per the manufacturers recommendations.
10. Although we try to estimate all anticipated costs and labour for servicing or repairing your E-Motor we can some times be faced with unexpected issues. These will be communicated to you as soon as possible and a solution provided for your approval.

Completion of Work, (Guarantees and Warranties)

  1. 1. On completion of the agreed work, confirmed by verbal or written confirmation, we will phone or email to confirm that the work has been carried out.
  2. All E-Motors repaired and/or serviced are tested thoroughly prior to return delivery.
  3. Faulty or worn parts can be returned with your E-Motor upon request but may incur additional shipping and handling costs.
  4. We will require payment in full for all parts and service completed before releasing your E-Motor for collection or shipping.
  5. Your final balance and invoice will be emailed to you. Payment can be made with Cash on collection or with Credit/Debit Card payments made directly from your invoice handled by STRIPE
  6. If you choose to pay by BAC’s it is your responsibility to check all of the details are correct. We will not release your E-motor for Collection or Delivery if you have accidentally transferred to an incorrect account.
  7. We will include for collection or delivery, parts manufacturer warranty cards or relevant documentation where appropriate for all replacement parts installed to your E-Motor. These documents and your E-Motor must be presented back to us for any and all warranty claims. The E-Motor must be delivered to us at your expense before the expiry date of the afore mentioned warranties.
  8. Replacing faulty parts may incur further labour and return shipping costs if it falls outside of our work guarantee detailed below.
  9. We guarantee our work and labour for a period of 1 month. This guarantee explicitly and specifically excludes E-Motor failure due to: Work recommended but not authorised and not carried out, wear and tear, failure of parts not serviced, water ingress, damage to electronics or incorrect reinstallation of the E-Motor, by you, to your bike or battery.
  10. We accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any loss, costs, injury or death as a result of you or a third party refitting/reinstalling your E-Motor to your bike or battery.
  11. It is your responsibility to check your bike for damage or wear and tear affecting or compromising its safety in any way, before each and every E-Bike ride. We accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any loss, costs, injury or death as a result of any upgrades, alterations, adjustments, repairs or servicing work carried out during one of our E-Motor services/repairs.

Collection & Return

1. When payment of our final invoice has been received, we will prepare to ship your E-Motor back to you.
2. If you have not heard from us within “14 days” please contact us for an update (in case of an incorrect phone number or email address).
3.  If we have called you regarding collection or delivery of your E-Motor, we expect you to collect it within 1 month unless you have advised us otherwise.
4. If we do not hear from you or have not received payment we will store your E-Motor free of charge for 1 month. After this time we will charge you for the storage of your E-Motor at a cost of £5 per month. Storage will be invoiced for, and will need to be paid in full, alongside any outstanding invoices before we release your E-Motor for collection, delivery or shipping.
5. If you have not arranged delivery or collected your E-Motor within 12 months from the completion date of your E-Motor, we reserve the right to recoup the cost of our storage, repair and parts. This could result in us using your E-Motor for spares or selling it to recoup our losses.

Shipping and Handling

  1. Return Postage and Shipping costs (where applicable) are required before we will accept any Electric Motor for Diagnostics, Inspection, Repair or Service.
  3. We use Royal Mail signed for postage services and the shipment will be bound by Royal Mail’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. We will, where possible, provide a tracking number for your shipment.
  5. We will insure your E-Motor with Royal Mail for one third of its current brand new retail value to a maximum of £350.
  6. We will not accept any responsibility for late delivery or damage incurred in transit with our shipping company of choice.
  7. Please get in touch if your E-Motor has not been delivered or is damaged on delivery and we will do our utmost to resolve this for you.

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